Finding the prefect location.

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I am constantly looking for the perfect location, always looking as I drive on the most mundane of chores always thinking of how I can reinterpret a scene.  Recently I’ve been spending time in Connemara and while there I am on the look out for a scene that I can return to in order to track the change in season.  I spent last night checking out a beautiful big beech tree and I was imagining it in colour.  Checking out the orientation with the sun and how the light would affect it I decided to pay to a visit last evening for the final hour or so of daylight.  I was imagining how good it would look, all verdant and resplendent in it’s summer foliage, as the sun was sinking slowly down below the horizon in the west.  Not a breeze ruffling it’s canopy and in the sky behind I…

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Nice one

Pete Armetta

Published in thePiker PressJuly 2013.

No it’s very flat. It’s not like here,” she said, indicating the surrounding mountains with motioning hands. “It was hilly in spots but not much. Where I grew up, next to my Grandpa’s farm, we used to spend a lot of time working the land- but also spent time in all corners of the property. His farm joined our farm at the landing, a place we called the landing, which was where both farms met the river.”

“Was that river like this river? Or was it wider and deeper, more like a real river?”

“No it was smaller than this but it wasn’t very deep either. I used to walk across it to visit my friend, the one I told you about that I’ve known since I can remember, and that I still keep in touch with. I’m going to mail this…

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