Finding the prefect location.

Brian Cooney's photography blog.


I am constantly looking for the perfect location, always looking as I drive on the most mundane of chores always thinking of how I can reinterpret a scene.  Recently I’ve been spending time in Connemara and while there I am on the look out for a scene that I can return to in order to track the change in season.  I spent last night checking out a beautiful big beech tree and I was imagining it in colour.  Checking out the orientation with the sun and how the light would affect it I decided to pay to a visit last evening for the final hour or so of daylight.  I was imagining how good it would look, all verdant and resplendent in it’s summer foliage, as the sun was sinking slowly down below the horizon in the west.  Not a breeze ruffling it’s canopy and in the sky behind I…

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