Words of Wisdom from Mentor-Editor Tom Zoellner

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The Byline Blog

pictTomZoellner-200x300We got the chance to ask OEP Mentor-Editor Tom Zoellner (TZ) about everything an up and coming writer wants to know: what makes a topic good, who’s an expert and, of course, why he mentors.

On Peak Credibility (The Expertise Game):

TZ: Hi, my name is Tom Zoellner and I’m an expert in minerals and mining because I’ve written two books on the topic, one dealing with diamonds and the other with uranium.

On Expertise:

TZ: A lack of academic credentials should never stop anyone from pursuing the chance to say something important. That’s part of the journalistic gist is that, although we may not be experts, we have the ability to talk to the experts. Everyone started from a baseline of zero knowledge. That said, some kind of platform or worldly credential does help get the attention of an editor.

On Mentoring:

TZ: Mentoring is a chance to meet…

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