Might That Overcomes Strength

When the Spirit of God is at work in you, He’ll cause you to be bold, and am not just talking about you trying to muster boldness or trying to remember Scriptures to quote when trouble strikes. The Spirit of might, not only gives you boldness, but also brings you might that overcomes strength. Isaiah prophesied concerning the Lord Jesus in Isaiah 9:6 and called Him “The Mighty God” This is one of those beautiful names of God and it’s not referring to might in terms of size, but that attribute of might that overcomes. It’s talking about a demonstration of of strength in such a way that it overcomes the strong. Might is an overpowering force that the Holy Spirit of God enables those in Christ work it. It makes them fear no evil. It gives them the ability to put an end to anything unwanted in their lives and ministries. It’s that same force that brought our Lord Jesus out of the grave and also took Him up to heaven. God has given us that power, that force to enable us achieve anything in life we want to achieve because, it’s that power, that might which enables you to overcome fear and evil which are the major obstacles on the way to success and achievement.


2 thoughts on “Might That Overcomes Strength

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